Ardbeg 27 (1973 Old Malt Cask 1/240) Review

This is a 27 year Ardbeg expression that was distilled in 1973 and bottled in 2000 at 50% ABV.

Nose: Very phenolic with rubber tires, decaying leaves, tangerine, and sweet barbeque.

Palate: Strong envelope glue notes with plenty of peat mixed among heavy ashes, lemon juice, and seawater.

Finish: Vanilla, sugary, with the peat and ashes lingering for awhile.

Rating: 89/100

Value for the money: These will run you close to $900 or so based on recent auction results (including fees, shipping, etc). I’d pass at that amount and maybe shoot for a 1972 OMC Ardbeg 28 instead if you’re after old Ardbegs.

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