Ardbeg 17 Review

This is a discontinued 17 year OB from Ardbeg that’s bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Subtle peat full of a rich blend of spices, old tree bark, chocolate, and a bit of a heavily salted parmesan cheese.

Palate: Soft peat with old oak, dried mushrooms, vegetal notes, and milk chocolate. Again, peat is surprisingly minimal here.

Finish: Heavy smoke with brackish seawater and musty oak linger.

Rating: 90/100 – A very nice Ardbeg – odd to have one where the peat is dialed down so much. I didn’t get any type of rubber notes which I almost always get from Ardbeg.

Value for the money: I believe these will run you about $350-$400 these days, and I wouldn’t pay that for this bottle. If it were available at retail, I’d probably pay up to $130 or so.

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