2009 Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon Review

Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon (OFBB) is an annual release from Brown-Forman. This 2009 OFBB is a 12 year expression bottled at 48.5% ABV.

Nose: Banana runts (classic Brown-Forman note for me), rich corn, sweet oak with a hint of caramel

Palate: Again, BF fruitiness here with spiced oak and prominent bananas

Finish: Fairly simple and short – oak with black pepper and mild fruits

Rating: 90/100 – I’m a Brown-Forman fan as I typically like my bourbons on the sweeter side and this one didn’t disappoint. The older OFBB bottles had something special about them too compared to the most recent few releases.

Value for the money: I paid $12 an oz for this and finished the bottle at Twisted Spoke in Chicago. Would gladly pay that again. A bottle of this on the secondary would run you closer to $200-$300 which is an easy pass.

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