2006 William Larue Weller Review

A buddy of mine was kind enough to share a small sample of this that he acquired. It’s the 2006 release of William Larue Weller – widely regarded as the best of them all. These are commonly believed to have been distilled at Stitzel-Weller, but some people dispute the source. This is NAS and bottled at 64.95% ABV. This is probably the darkest colored bourbon I’ve ever tried.

Nose: Huge sweeping nose – same loftiness as 2009 PVW 15 for me. Blast of oak with resounding wheat following. Strong dark chocolate and dark stewed fruits.

Palate: Wheat reigns supreme up front giving this a very sweet profile. Oak develops over time along with dark chocolate.

Finish: Oak tastes much younger here with a bit of a sawdust note. Wheat lingers with vanilla.

Rating: 97/100 – One of the best bourbons I’ve ever had.

Value for the money: These have sky-rocketed in value and are probably close to $2,000 at this point. If you have that kind of disposable bourbon income, and you’re looking for a unicorn bottle, this would be toward the top of the list for something I’d recommend.

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