1986 Old Taylor 86 Proof Review

This is a 1986 bottling of Old Taylor that was distilled by National Distillers. Jim Beam acquired this brand along with all the other National Distillers brands in 1987. This expression is 6 years old and bottled at 43% ABV.

Nose: Super sweet nose – blast of classic ND signature butterscotch followed by caramel, musty old oak, creamed corn, and a little vanilla.

Palate: Loads of butterscotch – similar to a Wurther’s original. Way more oak here with an old dresser in grandma’s basement feel. Hints of honey and vanilla.

Finish: Woody, sweet, and butterscotch.

Rating: 87/100 – I love that ND butterscotch vibe as you don’t see that much in modern bourbon.

Value for the money:  I found this on the shelf for $15 which is almost a rip-off for the store. On the secondary, these go for $100+ which is a stretch for me.

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